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LuoRon mother company Shengshihengyang was established.
The founder started the company with a dream. He was alone at that time, had to do everything by himself.

IN 2007

The company grew and became more staffed.

IN 2008

Step forward can not stop. The founders co-founded a factory. Focus on the research, development, sale and service of biological consumables.

IN 2011

The factory was expanded and the scale was further expanded.

IN 2012

Continuous innovation, continuous expansion of the product line.

IN 2013

LuoRon began working with some renowned medical&laboratory equipment and reagents partner companies.


LuoRon carried out customized services, one-stop procurement plan.


Luo Ron brand was established.


LuoRon products enter the international market. Workshop were expansion and upgraded to 100000 graded cleaning room.


Give full support to the global fight against COVID-19.


We keep moving forward.