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One-stop biological laboratory supply solution

In the field of modern scientific research and medicine, biological laboratory equipment plays a very important role. However, purchasing and maintaining laboratory equipment can present some challenges, such as understanding the differences between different brands, finding the equipment that suits your experimental needs, and dealing with after-sales service. To simplify and facilitate these processes,LuoRon provide one-stop supply solutions for biological laboratories.

We understand that biological laboratories require different kinds of equipment, from pipette ,incubators to PCR instruments, from centrifuges to mass spectrometers, from refrigerators to cell culture incubators, and many others. Therefore, we are committed to providing a wide selection of equipment to meet various experimental needs.

Pipettes: Instruments for the quantitative transfer of liquids (manual and electric pipettes, Electronic burettes, bottle top dispensers, vacuum suction).

Magnetic Stirrer: Suitable for mixing low viscosity liquids and solids.

Homogenizer: suitable for rapid homogenization, emulsification, suspension or crushing of biological samples.

Mixer, shaker: used to mix the sample thoroughly.

Dry/water Bath: used to maintain constant temperature of reagents and other samples.

Distillation device: mainly used for continuous distillation of a large amount of volatile solvents under reduced pressure.

Incubator: used for the cultivation of microorganisms, cells, tissues, etc.

Centrifuge: Used to centrifuge sediment or separate suspensions in liquids.

PCR machine: Used for temperature control during the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Autoclaves: For high-pressure steam sterilization of laboratory instruments and media. Constant temperature culture shaker: platform shaker for in vitro cell culture.

Mass spectrometer: used for the analysis and identification of compounds.

High-speed freezer: used for rapid freezing of samples to preserve their structure.

Biological microscope: used for observation and research of biological samples.

Constant temperature water bath: used to maintain constant temperature of reagents and other samples.

Clean bench: used for aseptic experiments and operations. Hand-held centrifuge: for convenient and quick small-scale centrifugation.

Cell incubator: used for the cultivation and growth of cells.

In addition, we also provide high-quality after-sales service, including equipment installation, operation guidance and maintenance. Our technical team is composed of experienced professionals who will ensure that your experimental equipment is in top condition and provide technical support to ensure your experiments run smoothly.

By choosing our services, you will enjoy the following benefits:

. A variety of equipment options: From basic equipment to advanced analytical instruments, we provide a comprehensive selection of equipment to meet different experimental needs.

. Professional technical support: Our technical team will provide online services such as equipment installation, operation training and maintenance to ensure that your experimental equipment is always in the best condition.

. Flexible after-sales service: We will provide customized solutions according to your laboratory needs, and provide you with the most suitable equipment and services.

. High quality and reliability: We only provide high-quality equipment that has been rigorously tested and verified to ensure that your experimental results are accurate and reliable.

Through our one-stop biological laboratory supply solution, you will get a convenient and efficient procurement experience, as well as reliable equipment and professional technical support. Contact us now to learn more about our services and make us a trusted partner in your laboratory!