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Large volume centrifuge tube with plug seal caps 250ml 500ml

The centrifugal tube is suitable for cell culture, sample preparation in microbiology and molecular biology laboratory, large volume sample preservation, etc. High purity material, in accordance with USP class-VI standards, sterile, pyrogen-free, DNase, RNase and DNA, high transparency to ensure that the sample or precipitate clearly visible, tight seal, centrifugal stability to ensure the safety of the user process.

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Large volume centrifuge tube with plug seal caps 250ml 500ml

● Product Detail

The centrifuge tube body is made of polypropylene (PP) and the tube cover is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), which conforms to USP class-VI standard

◆ Conical design, high transparency, black scale line, ;

◆ Sterile, no pyrogens, no RNase and DNase, no DNA;

◆ Tolerance temperature range: -86℃ -120℃;

250ml, 500ml centrifuge bottles for large capacity centrifugal, maximum centrifugal force of 6000xg.

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Article number

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Carton Dimension

Centrifuge bottle


250ml, sterilization, bag

4 pieces / bag, 25bags / ctn



500ml, sterilization,bag

2 pieces /bag, 20bags /ctn


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