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Standard PP centrifuge tubes 10ml 15ml 50ml

Centrifuge tubes are used to contain liquids, which separates the sample into its components by rapidly rotating it around a fixed axis.

Most centrifuge tubes have conical bottoms, which help collect any solid or heavier parts of the sample being centrifuged. Centrifuge tubes must also be able to withstand the centrifugal pressure created during their use, and their specifications may indicate the maximum speed at which they can be safely used.

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Standard PP centrifuge tube

● Feature

Centrifuge tubes come in three types of volume 15ml , 50ml

 MaX RCF:12000 xg

Temperature range -80 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

Clear graduation graded on conical body

RNase- free , DNase- free and Nonpyrogenic

● Product Parameter

Centrifuge tube product details

Application: It is suitable for collection, subpackage and centrifugation of bacteria, cells, proteins, nucleic acids and other biological samples
texture of material: Polypropylene (PP)
Size: Standard size, suitable for common centrifuges on the market
Scale: The grinding tool is designed with scale and high accuracy of volume identification.
Inner wall: The inner wall is smooth to ensure low residue
Raw materials: Imported high quality PP raw materials, in line with USP standards
Temperature resistance: Tolerance temperature range: - 80 ℃ - 121 ℃, no deformation after high temperature and high pressure
Design: Innovative design ensures good flexibility, sealing and compatibility of products
Centrifugal force: It can bear the maximum centrifugal force of 12000g
Transparency: High transparency, easy to observe the liquid level when using
Stability: It has good chemical stability and antistatic property
Workshop: 100000 class dust-free workshop, to ensure that the product has no heat source, no endotoxin, no DNA enzyme, no RNA enzyme, no heavy metals, metal ions


Article number

Product name

Package specification

Carton Dimension



15ml, sterilization, bag

25 pieces / bag, 20bags / ctn



15ml, sterilization, rack

50 pieces / rack, 10racks /ctn




50ml, sterilization, bag

25 pieces / bag, 20bags / ctn



50ml, sterilization, rack

25 pieces / rack, 20racks /ctn


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