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Multi-channel magnetic hotplate stirrer

• Independent heating and stirring control

• LCD display shows actual temperatures and speed

• PID controller ensures a precise and steady heating process, Max.temperature up to 340℃

• Brushless DC motor enables more powerful speed control

• External temperature sensor(PT1000) with accuracy at 0.2℃

• Overheating protection temperature at 420℃

• Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating provides good chemical-resistant performance

• A wide variety of accessories are available

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LCD 4-Channel Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

LCD 4-Channel Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer


Specifications MS-H340-S4
Work plate dimension  Φ134mm(5inch)
Plate material Stainless steel with ceramic coating
Motor type  Brushless DC motor
Motor rating input[W]  1.8W×4
Power[W]  515W×4
Heating Power[W]  500×4
Voltage 100-120V,60Hz; 200-240V,50 Hz
Stirring positions  4
Max. stirring quantity

of single position (H2O)

Max. magnetic bar[mm]  40
Speed range[rpm]  200-1500
Speed display  LCD
Temperature display  LCD
Control accuracy of sensor[rpm]  ±20
Temperature range[°C]  25-340℃
Over temperature protection[°C]  420
Temperature display accuracy[°C]  ±0.1
External temp. sensor  PT1000(Accuracy±0.2℃)
IP Protection class IP21
Dimensions[WxDxH][mm]  698×270×128
Weight[kg] 9.5kg
Permissible ambient temperature[°C]  5~40
Permissible relative humidity  80%


10-position magnetic hotplate stirrer

212 (2)


•   Maintenance-free brushless DC motor

•   Max speed 1100rpm

•   Max.temperature 120°C

•   Stainless steel work plate, covered with silicone cushion, provides the excellent performance of heating uniformity and skid resistance


Specifications MS-H-S10
Work plate Dimension 180x450mm
Work plate material Stainless  steel with silicone
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Motor rating input 12W
Motor rating output 4W
Power 490W
Heating output 470W
Voltage 100-120/200-240V  50/60Hz
Stirring positions 10
Max. stirring quantity[H2O] 0.4Lx10
Max. magnetic bar[length] 40mm
Speed range 0-1100rpm
Speed display scale
Temperature display scale
Heating temperature range Room temp.-120°C 
Over  heat Protection 140°C
Temperature  display accuracy IP42
Dimension [W x D x H] 182×622×65mm
Weight 3.2kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity  5-40℃ 80%RH

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