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How to use high-efficiency shake flasks for cell passage

When we use some cell culture consumables, we always encounter the problem of cell passage. Today, will briefly share with you how to use high-efficiency shake flasks for cell passage. When we use high-efficiency shake flasks for cell passage, there are two methods for you to choose from, such as collecting cells by centrifugation and then passage, or direct passage.
Centrifugal passage method:
(1) Transfer the cells in the high-efficiency shake flask  together with the culture medium to a centrifuge tube for centrifugation.
(2) Discard the supernatant, add new culture medium to the centrifuge tube ,and pipette to form a cell suspension.
(3) Count and inoculate in new culture flasks respectively.
If direct passage is adopted, let the suspended cells slowly settle on the bottom of the high-efficiency shake flask, suck off 1/2~2/3 of the supernatant, and then pipette to form a cell suspension before passage.


What we need to pay attention to during the operation is that the trypsin should be pre-warmed, and the temperature is about 37°C. The centrifugation speed should be appropriate. If the speed is too low, the cells cannot be separated effectively. If the centrifugation speed is too high and the time is too long, the cells will be squeezed, causing damage or even death. The cells should be observed regularly, and if contamination is found, it should be dealt with in time.
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Post time: Jan-16-2024