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3L,5L High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask

High-efficiency shake flask is a common consumable in cell culture, and it is a large-capacity cell culture container. It is widely used in the fields of microbiology and cell biology, and is mainly suitable for suspension cell culture, large-scale bacterial expansion, and preparation or storage of culture medium. Compared to ordinary flasks, this bottle is larger and more subtle in design.LuoRon 3L & 5L Erlenmeyer shake flasks adopts advanced ISB(Injection, intrench, blow) one step molding process, USP VI grade PETG material or BPA-free PC material, with good product consistency, no pyrogen, and no animal-derived ingredients. It can be used with a large-capacity culture shaker. It is an ideal choice for cell suspension culture, medium preparation, mixing and storage.

*Material: USP Vl grade PC material (BPA free).

*Specification: 3L,5L

*Applications: Widely used in microbiology, cell biology and other fields, can be used with large capacityculture shaker, mainly suitable for cell suspension culture.

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Product features

• Erlenmeyer flask adopts ISB molding process.
•According to c-GMPstandard production,nopersonal contact, great product consistency.
•The breathable film area of shaker cap is larger thanthat of similar products,increasing the breathablecapacity,suitable for high-density cell culture,theworking volume can be filled to 60%-80% of the totalvolume, and getting high output.
•This Erlenmeyer flask is designed with natural arcneck and ergonomic handle for easy handling and liquidtransfer.
•The vent cap is equipped with 0.2um breathablemembrane; the liquid transfer cap is also available forchoosing; other types of flask caps that suitable forliquid transfer can also be customized according tocustomer's requirements.
•All the products have passed sterility test andendotoxin test, are DNase free and RNase free.

Special design for high-efficiency shake flasks

A high-efficiency shake flask is a large-capacity cell culture vessel that is larger and more sophisticated in design than ordinary flasks. The particularity of its design mainly reflects the cover, bottleneck, production process and other aspects.

  Lid: The bottle mouth diameter of the high-efficiency shaker flask is relatively large, so the area of ​​the breathable membrane is also larger than that of similar products, which increases the ventilation volume during cell culture and is suitable for high-density cell culture. The working volume can be filled to 60%-80% of the overall capacity, and the cell product is higher.
  Bottleneck: The neck of this consumable is designed with a circular arc, which is too natural. The 5L bottle is also equipped with an ergonomically designed handle for easy access and liquid transfer operations. The bottle body has a molded scale, which is convenient to observe the volume of the solution.
  Production process: This kind of bottle is produced by the injection stretch blow molding process. Compared with extrusion blowing, injection blowing and other processes, the products produced by this process have good gloss and strength, and the bottle body has no obvious seam. line, the overall pass rate is also higher.
To sum up, the special design of high-efficiency shake flask is mainly in the above three aspects. In addition, this bottle is equipped with a 0.2μm barrier breathable film, and can be equipped with a liquid transfer cap, or a bottle cap adapted to liquid transfer can be customized according to specific needs.

3L,5L High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask

Introduction to the production process of high-efficiency shake flasks

High Efficiency Erlenmeyer Flask

Cell culture has high requirements on the environment, requiring sterility, suitable temperature, pH and certain nutritional conditions, etc., and these conditions need to be achieved with the help of cell shake flasks. Therefore, high-efficiency shake flasks have strict requirements from material to production process. Shake bottles are generally made of PC materials and PETG materials without bisphenol A, and are processed by a one-step injection-stretch-blow molding process, also known as a one-step injection-stretch-blow production process. The working principle is to first inject the blank by the injection molding machine, stretch the hot parison longitudinally, and then introduce compressed air to stretch it laterally to obtain a product with the same shape as the mold cavity.

In this processing method, the injection, stretching and blow molding processes are completed in sequence on one piece of equipment. High-speed molding can be achieved without repeated heating of the preform, and the most complex process part has been abandoned. Technology that directly realizes stable production of products, improves product qualification rate, and saves energy.
The high-efficiency shake flask produced by the injection stretch-blow production process has a smooth and round bottle mouth, better contact sealing with the bottle cap, and more pressure resistance, which lays the foundation for the smooth progress of cell culture work.

Product Parameter

Product Name PC material vent cap product


ltem No. Size Height (mm) Neck diameter(mm) Bottom diameter(mm) Cap type pcs/case
LRC043003 3L 245 70 163 Vent cap 12
LRC043005 5L 281 90 230 Vent cap 6

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