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Microcarriers Cell Flake

The cell disk of micro  flake Microcarrier is a highly hydrophilic sheet-like carrier,which uses vacuum plasma surface treatment technology and chemical grafting modification technology to enrich the sheet-like carrier with more hydrophilic groups such as amino, hydroxyl or carboxyl groups, so that the cell adhesion performance of the carrier is stronger, which is not only suitable for subculture of Vero cells, HEK293 cells, CHO cells, BHK21 cells,ST cells,SF9/21 cells, etc.,but also for CEF cells,PAM cells and CAR-T cells. Culture of primary cells.

There is no absolute classification. Both carriers can be used for the culture of adherent cells. For economic benefit, continuously received viruses, such as rabies virus, swine fever virus, using flake microcarriers; Other viruses use spherical vectors. The use of flake carriers or spherical microcarriers is determined according to their equipment and process

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● Product features

*Double surface hydrophilic Modification treatment technology,strong cell adhesion performance.
* Autoclavable.
* Efficiently and simply isolate cultures and cells, harvest products,and perform perfusion or continuous fed-batch culture.
* Can be used in packed bed bioreactors, single-use bioreactors,culture vessels, shake flasks to provide sufficient surface area for cell growth.
* High area/volume ratio,high cell density.
* Multiple tension structures ensure that nutrients in the medium are in full contact with cells, which is conducive to cell growth.


 Flake carriers at  incubation times/24h


Flake carriers at  incubation times/48h

Flake carriers at  incubation times/72h

Flake carriers at  incubation times/96h

● Advantages of Flake Carrier Culture

The culture medium flows through the carrier layer, and the stirring shear force and ventilation bubbles have little effect on cell growth

It can efficiently and simply separate the culture medium, cells, harvest the product and realize the perfusion culture

With a high area/volume ratio, the cells can reach a very high density;

The multi-layer tension structure ensures that the medium is in full contact with the cells, which is beneficial for cell growth

The cell growth is similar to the static state of a spinner flask, and the culture process is simple and easy to control.

The reactor traps the cells in the microcarrier during culture, reduces the shearing force generated by the stirring blade and the influence of the gas distributor bubbles, the cells adhere to the wall quickly and the cells are adsorbed inside the carrier fiber and are not easy to fall off, and the subsequent maintenance time is long , Greatly improve the yield and reduce the content of host cell DNA in the harvest liquid

● Product Parameter

ltem No. Specification Package Bottle/case
c090050 CellDisk 50g/bottle 40
c090250 CellDisk 250g/bottle 20
c090500 CellDisk 500g/bottle 10
cO90001 CellDisk 1kg/bottle 4

 Note: This product is intended for scientific research or further manufacturing only, not for diagnosis or treatment.

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